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Universal Definition for "goth" music


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So there have been a literal crap ton of arguments regarding what classifies as "goth" throughout the near-50 year history of the genre. I figured we would put an end to this debate once and for all and form a concensus on what does and does not pass as actual "goth" music.
Here's my take. Let's start with the easy ones:

Lackluster and cheap production values. If it's too clean, it begins to stray away from the genre's punk roots.
Chorus. And lots of it. Chorus in guitars, chorus in bass, chorus fucking everywhere.
Same goes for reverb.

Bassy and overdone, theatrical vocals that would sound absolutely ridiculous in any other form of music.
A clear favoritism for keys like A minor, E minor and sometimes perhaps B minor.

Artists doing their best to distance or completely separate themselves from the label of "goth" while only managing to widen the genre's perspective.

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