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  1. Does anyone know how to figure deleting pictures off here?
  2. I love Mulan. She is also my favourite princess.❤
  3. I agree! People always make hell for themselves.
  4. No! I don't believe in hell or heaven but I do believe in reincarnation! And another planet like ours, out there just a million years behind us. That's just what I believe in, there could be more planets like ours. ❤
  5. What's your favourite Disney films? I love cartoon movies.
  6. Soomahere


    From the album: #the good life

  7. Soomahere


    From the album: #the good life

  8. Yes, more times than I can remember. 🙂
  9. I've been struggling with sleep myself for days.. I'm happy to see all these emojis are here.
  10. Soomahere


    hi, I'm kirstie how's everyone doing?
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