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First than all, happy hollydays!

Second: at last this space is Alive, once again! Nice! It is cool to read What you have to say


Third: My man, I so agree with you if I stand on Wisdom or on an Eastern point of view. But!  (yes, in philosophy there is always a But), philosophy is quite a previous step from wisdom. The occidental ways are ecceptic and aligned towards materialistics points of view. I mean evidence, science, stadistics and all that burocratic crap that pretends to build and "objective" reality for everyone. That is Why the philosopher questions What has been given as true. The wise knows from his perspective and share it to the World while the philosopher seeks to share his/her impressions of the World to build an own perspective.


So, having said so...  the intention is to question since this cult pretends that We all are seeking.


What do you think about that? Maybe i'm wrong



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MERRY CHRISTMAS! This cult it's alive, it's alive, it's alive!

Well hello there. I'm not much into science and politics so much so I didn't understand your response to well to be honest, I don't like to be a liar acting as if I knew what you were saying. Anyways my vocab is not up there with yours also! 😎 I tend to stay away from politics because its driving everyone to hate each other, just like science I think.😭 Here is where I'm coming from. I believe in Christian philosophy.😇 There doesn't have to be a but if you are correct! Eh? I don't want to sound like I know everything because the Holy Bible says you will not know everything while on Earth. There is a book! I mean if a person is Christian or whatever you choose to believe you get different viewpoints concerning reality and how you feel about it, what you decide to do about it and it just goes on that someone suffering might say why me and get totally different answers. Eh, my two cents of knowledge!

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What I have learned is that fancy vocabulary may be a hindrance most of the time. It is a superb hability to handle complicated topics using regular words.


Man, polítical stuff was made to disguise power as wisdom. In other words, the person or polítical party with the highest Power will be the one considered as wielder of the Reason or Truth. Not because of the arguments involved, but the capability of Violence that can handle and spread compared to the adversaries. So, yes. Politics is a ground to fight wars, not to dialogue and achieve a communal Truth. 


And yes. In the end, it is all about perspective. It is cool to share yours and to learn other's.


Thank you for sharing 🤘

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