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Vampyrian616: Thte Vampire Pagan EBM Industrial Band


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My sound project Vampyrian616 is a Vampyre, Pagan Goth of the old Gothic Nations making our unique sound art, media Art and digital Art for all the Vampyre "screw your sheeple and mainstream ways" Industrial Electro Punk Goths! Website with the latest updates and sounds since June 16, 2021: http://vampyrian616.com and our sounds: http://vampyrian616.art and our
All of my songs are now available at: https://www.reverbnation.com/vampyrian616/songs
I can also make CDs if you want them?
some are only available there or on my site with a few free exclusive downloads or on the site directly by email if you donate to: vampyrian616@gmail.com on paypal
Follow us on Google: https://g.page/r/CXIBshpsoxycEBA
I am done being just JP; I have decided to be mostly my artist self online...
Bio: JP Vanir Started making Vampyric Experimental Sound Art, Media Arts & Digital Art with GOTH, EXPERIMENTAL INDUSTRIAL, EXPERIMENTAL DARK TRANCE, EBM, ELECTRO, INDUSTRIAL and "Vampyrian616" was born in 2011...
General Info:
Artist Name: Vampyrian616
Member: JP Vanir (JP Vampyrian)
Genres: Experimental / Psy Trance / Gothic Industrial EBM
Contact Info:
Location: Delaware, OH
Artist Email: jp.vampyrian@gmail.com
Management: .JP Vampyrian
Paypal Email: vampyrian616@gmail.com
Phone: 740-990-6260
Sounds Like: Velvet Acid Christ, BLUTENGEL, Skinny Puppy, Hocico, Suicide Commando, Inkubus Sukkubus
Label: Experimental Sound Artistry
Since 2011 I have been messing around with sounds and became a bit of a sound artist (http://vampyrian616.com) off and on but lately I have become more of the sound artist and this samhain "Sound art Vol. 1" was released to 17 retailers including, Amazon, iTunes, and YouTube ect. I also sent out 2 singles a while back "I just keep loosing them" & Restless Undead Souls in as well both to be released as well through reverbnation. My next LP will be released this weekend but this time through CD baby so look for it as well...
Don't forget to follow me on spotify as Vampyrian616 as well as iTunes and Amazon at: Vampyrian616 Sounds (https://tinyurl.com/VampyrianSounds)
© JP Vampyrian (AKA JP Vanir) but now I am mostly just JP Vampyrian
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