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We know what we do.
What we do not know is the reason.

Myriads of imperceptible, primitive impulses dictate our becoming. The idea of a Self seems to emerge as a residue of a series of events made conscious as soon as they have already occurred. How would it be possible to have a Self that can worry about filling the cupboard without having first experienced hunger? Could we say that the desires that beset us are nothing more than past events, which we seek to recreate in the most immediate possible future?
Everything would depend on the urgency we have to relive the past in that fleeting moment that we call the present. And while we mention it, it is already melting into our gallery of memories, powdering itself along with thousands of other accumulated memories.

I wonder if we are something more than our wishes; than the desire to repeat the preterite over and over again, but with slight variations so as not to fall into monotony. Will we be something more than appetite, than sleep, and the urge to mix our DNA with that of another person? Could it be that the above engenders everything we are capable of wanting? Are these three matrices the only possible ones within our field of action? And if so, why have we decided to congregate in this virtual space? What thing from the past do we seek to revive in this corner made up of ones and zeros, then turned into a forum full of people of about the same age, with their no less important exceptions?

It is obvious that I have uncertain answers, but I would like to know what you have to say.

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