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Writer's Block


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The much dreaded Writer's Block -  a horrible decease:
Ideas once vividly poured out from your brain;
But now it is hollow and void, but never at peace,
The few that you have, you flush down the drain;

You think and you think and never get rest,
Your mind is a desert, empty and dead;
Seeking the bottle, the friend you know best,
Numbing your mind, slurring words that you said;

It comes to you, in this much drunken state,
A method to start your writing again;
There is only one way to open the gate,
Words flow with blood as you stab with the pen;

All that I leave you is this much cryptic note:
I am empty and torn, no longer a whole;
My mind is far gone; distant,remote;
There is no more hope when losing your soul;

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