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Why: The Question That Leads Into the Unknown: Philosophy's Favorite Weapon


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What was there before the Big Bang? How to solve the Hard Problem of consciousness, which neurology still does not know? Perhaps, in the place where these unknowns find their resolution also lie the answers to all the unanswerable "why".

"Why" is the worst weapon of philosophy. And why? Because it dismantles the practical Self to direct us towards the existential Self. Any answer, which is considered definitive within a tradition, can be disjointed with this question. "Why" is the favorite resource of those who have written the history of humanity by challenging the morals of their time along with the daily life that the latter implies.

Why do you believe what you believe? Since you got an answer, add another "why" to it. TheĀ  process can be repeated until one is faced with a kind of Nothingness.

Reality is like a Matrioshka. The final "why" is undeniable when the last figure contained by the Russian doll is lifted, revealing an unpleasant emptyness.

Is this true? or there is a definitive answer that may enlighten every "why"? And why?

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