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  2. It was a cold winter in Serbia 11 years ago, and I was in desperate search of warmth. My stomach growled with intensity after the 6th consecutive day without food and the harsh winter was hours away from claiming my life, there was a cabin right over the horizon and I finally had a modicum of hope. I made my way to the door, swung it open, and hurled myself through the doorway. I collapsed onto the pitch black floor and lost consciousness. When I came to, I could see rays of light peeking through the windows and kissing my face ever so slightly. It was so bright that it hurt my eyes, and I stood up. The cabin was quite small, almost like a shed and I made my way out of the doorway and collapsed once again on the couch mere feet away from me as I wondered what my next move should be. And as my stomach growled once again I thought one thing "food" I began to search the cabin for a refrigerator, and finally found one. I threw it open, my body aching for a good meal. But to my misfortune the only thing inside the fridge was A PAIR OF RAYCONS USE COUPON CODE JEFFREY EPSTEIN FOR 15% OFF YOUR ORDER

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