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About This Cult

This cult is for paranormal enthusiasts.
  1. What's new in this cult
  2. I've had many paranormal experiences over the years, I've seen things from cups flying off tables, spice racks vibrate wildly. One time I was in one room and my husband was in the other side of the house. I heard him call for me so I went to the other wing of the house, and he also heard me calling his name and went to go to the other side of the house. We both passed each other while walking to opposite ends of the house, but were under a trance like state and didn't even see each other. That place was very haunted. Same place the door handle would rattle back and forth, and loud booms of the door being pounded on, only to open the door and no one be there.
  3. I've always wanted to go to a haunted location, there are some tours where I live.
  4. I'm definitely curious what Youtube's other people have found! I usually watch Ghost Adventures or a new show called Destination Fear.
  5. My top two favorite movies are The Craft (1996 original version) and Queen of The Damned.
  6. I have one tattoo that says Family, and 8 piercings.
  7. Has anyone read Rose Madder by Stephen King? It's a great book.
  8. Korn is my favorite band, Anyone else like them?
  9. Name: Raven Age: 28 Why did you join? I love all things paranormal and spooky Anything else about yourself? I've had many encounters with the paranormal.
  10. Name: Jason Age: 41 Why did you join? I always enjoyed Jordan's cults back on VF days. Anything else about yourself? I love watching paranormal TV shows.
  11. I play xbox. Usually on Doom or Rogue Company and occasionally Overwatch
  12. Name: Ellie Age: 29 Why did you join? It reminded me of VF Anything else about yourself? I want a pet skunk one day
  13. Name: Ben Age: 38 Why did you join? big fan of the paranormal & haunted locations Anything else about yourself? I like turtles
  14. Savannah!!! ❤️ I'm good! How are you? 🙂
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