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Do you still remember your old forums/clubs?

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What's up you freaks and geeks

Do you remember the old forums, clubs and / or groups you were once a part of? If so what were they about and are you still active there (assuming they haven't been closed down)?

I'm asking because today, I discovered my old profile on an anime forum, from 2008! God I was so cringey back then. :headshake: :laughchair:

The memories that flooded back were something else. :rofl:

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On 4/14/2021 at 9:02 PM, retrotoons said:



I had so many cringey moments back then but it was fun. It was nice to upgrade your character too.

There was also this classic meme back then:* I put on my cape and wizard hat*


On 4/15/2021 at 6:25 AM, NerdCake said:

Oh my gosh is Gaia still up and running? I forgot all about that. :lol: I wasn't very active on there though I was a little intimidated haha 

Lmao i loved gaia online! I used to spend hours fishing stuff and playing zomg! lol. There was a point i became rich coz of the marketplace 😂 those were the days

And yas, upgrading the avatars were awesome. They never ran out of cool items to wear. 

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