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  1. Morning nerds!! 💗


  2. "Can't rain all the time..."


    1. LilithLaz


      Such a good movie ❤️

  3. Fun times!



  4. Wickedly perfect
    In Dreams
    I had a dream that I was lost... standing in a mist of fog.
    As the rush comes.
    Life goes on.
    I see it shining when my eyes close.
    Secrets of all the Universe.
    I keep running.
    I tried to make my way. Because I want to get caught.
    shivering to trip and stumbling along the overgrown path.
    Life goes on.
    I remember the electricity that radiated between us.
    Don't wait, Don't wait...
    The sky glows. It burns. I am the Lost. In this frozen wilderness.
    "I can't listen to what you have to say.
    No, I can't take one more word from you, please don't say what you're going to do."The more I give.
    I want to FEEL you
    Feel you, the breath you in until I’m suffocating.
    My body.
    I am the Mist. And snow lies all around. I can't take your whispers pulling me in.
    There's so much power in that.
    You're beating me with interrogation. Spinning me down into damnation.
    I hear words I never said.
    When I hear them screaming. I don't know if I should run or stay?
    If you want me in your life, put me there, SIMPLE!
    But don't raise your voice
    Don't cause a scene.
    What we seek is already here. I love how nature encourages us to play. Your rivers, your forests and your sea.
    The Path to Darkness.
    Even when you think your battles are over they have just begun.
    Here a girl is being comforted by her concerned Dragon companion."I carry your lantern and you are the light.
    Her scales feel like the softest of silks and when you run your hand across her muzzle, you are filled with the most wondrous, magical, mystical, powerful energy and strength.
    She is the colour of the trees and if anyone were to pass her, she would stand so still that most humans (who oftentimes don't notice an awful lot anyway) would pass her by.
    The Magic - It speaks of the enchantment of magic and love.
    In the scent of a lover, that warm feeling within.
    I’m all of those things.
    When in the forest, the rays of the sun passing through the branches of each tree casts an unusual magical play of light and shadow; There is a certain calm or sweet feel to the environment, But my feet are frozen to the ground.
    The fog grows dense. We are overcome by a sudden strangeness.
    Not here among broken, fallen stones. In this frozen wilderness.
    I couldn’t see but I could feel your looming presence lurking in the distance, and it both excited and frightened me.
    Don't wait, Don't wait
    The road is now a sudden sea
    And suddenly, you're deep enough
    Then out of nowhere, you appear, the fog starts to fade.
    Your eyes see right through me, it’s as if you witness all my desires and wishes play out in front of you.
    The details of your face almost nose to nose with mine start to form.
    Our pale, ashen skins light the way against a darkened sky.
    Feeling strong.
    To lay your armour down
    To lay your armour down
    To lay your armour down
    There's a coldness in the air
    But I don't care.
    My favourite dreams are what many would consider nightmares.
    I almost don’t want to breathe in his presence, no, what I want is for time to stand still, for moments to turn to hours and hours to never end.
    When the world is turned to ash.
    Flames covering the distance around me the sounds of villagers.

    In a world. So intense.
    As the rush comes
    I don’t need to SEE anything, because I can FEEL everything.
    While he was choking me between his strongest arm.
    So perfectly wicked. in that moment.
    It begins.
    So real. He paints my flesh in pretty colours. Just a whore on the floor! I see the world deaf to our screams.
    so intense-I am lost within my world.
    In my time of weakness.
    He picked me up to his tail, wrapped it around my arms.
    His tail stretching around my neck.Something cold.
    Something evil...He flew in the air round the bend
    The sun is in the sky. If you could see me now. Keeping me so very still.
    We must have been so far up, hovering above the frozen lake.
    so very high up. I could see all the trees below my feet.
    The flame's in the distance.
    So bring it on.
    As the rush comes. I see everything.
    Words aren’t possible, not right this second.
    My remains bared with scars. Til my eyelids become an open door.
    As the rush comes.
    So bring it on.
    So bring it on.
    So bring it on.
    Wickedly perfect. My grey skin, my black claws. He's blinded me you see.
    Looking in your eyes I saw the darkness.
    As the rush comes
    I always do this.
    He’s so fucking good at being bad.


    1. LordLossLozinak


      This is beautiful 

    2. Soomahere



  5. Pictures of Michael!❤






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