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  1. Grey Until My Life Is Done

    There are places in the night to place me.  Industrial zones and into my own alley.  The heavy light was not quick after my blackouts.  But, after the zones it was heavy.  As we commence together in lines of equipment, there was a line of diligence that we could not follow.  As pretentious as the next, the life of the lesser followed for the embrace.  For he was the one of the fallen.  I could not raise their heads without.  Hell is my only light into my line of creation.

    He is only raised.  No commitment from bounty hunting.  No curse.  No praise.  Only what I have been given to give He as the justice.

    Follow me as I shoot once.  For each body is a battle.  And each love is a piece of my sorrow into my clip.  Bring many into my dawn.  And my grey until my life is done.

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