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  1. Name: Jessica Favorite Anime: Sailor Moon Favorite Manga: Fruits Basket Anything Else:
  2. Snow day here! Let's see how many people drive stupidly. 

    1. Pete


      It's weird, like people all the sudden don't know how to drive when it's either rain or snow

    2. PoetryGurl4591


      I know it's so annoying. I'm from Wisconsin so I know how to drive in the weather but now I'm in Virginia and it's like really?! Who taught you to drive? :lol:

    3. Omen


      We just had 2 feet 7 days ago and it's snowing now... supposed to be 6 more inches. People drive dumb normally. In snow it's 10 times worse. I understand if the car slides or something or you get stuck but a lot of the times it's people driving like total brain dead dipshits.

  3. So do I and he's just as amazing in person. I was lucky enough to meet shawn, cory, and eric at a convention before everything happened.
  4. Thank you haha I'm also teaching my kids as well the great music. Even my youngest when we're in the car says but on freddie mercury
  5. Yes!! Also the cast is just awesome. Got to meet Michael and Tom at a convention once they were so nice.
  6. Yup officially need to lay off the caffeine. Been trying to lay down to sleep but I keep feeling my hands shake :eek:

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    2. Omen


      I live off of monster zero. Very expensive but I love the taste way too much. In the beginning it put some pep in my step. Now I just drink it for flavor.

    3. PoetryGurl4591


      Oh I lived off the mucho mango ones before I decided to do keto a while ago and it was the same for me now its just for flavor. But again months without having it definitely will mess with you.

    4. Omen


      I bet. Hopefully I never experience it LoL. I don't have the desire to stop.

  7. Off My Mind by Radio Company
  8. My tastes go all over the place. But some of my favorites are Queen, Halestorm, MCR, Meatloaf, The Pretty Reckless, David Bowie, Elton John, P!nk, and TATU.
  9. My favorite series that I can watch all the time would be Supernatural, Doctor Who(4 and 10 are my favs), Boy Meets World, Friends, Torchwood, Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon, Death Note, Gilmore Girls, Criminal Minds, American Horror Story, Bones, CSI, Smallville, Degrassi, and so many more that I can't think of
  10. I was once on Nickelodeon back when they would air the mini games during the commercial breaks on shows. I got to play this mini game where you had to toss this huge "cookie" into the glass of milk. It was pretty fun.
  11. My favorite villager is Cherry 😍
  12. Alright who all else plays Animal Crossing New Horizons? It never hurts to have other friends to play with. Also who are some of your favorite villagers and who do you not like? Discuss below!
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